Powered by data and rigorous research techniques, we are breaking down boundaries and reimagining what is possible in cancer therapeutics. Our scientists are driven by a desire for deeper knowledge, amassing comprehensive understanding of how cancer develops and behaves at a genomic level.”

- A Welmedis molecular biologist

Using pioneering research and development techniques, our scientists analyse how cancer cells respond to treatment and use data-driven insights to develop precision oncology treatments that improve outcomes for patients across the world. Cancer remains a complex disease to treat and we pride ourselves on being at the leading-edge of cancer understanding and research. We use breakthroughs and discoveries to identify unmet needs, and create increasingly more targeted and sophisticated treatments that have the potential to change lives. 

Our work is led by medical genetics pioneer Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou. Drawing on his extensive experience providing leading-edge cancer genetic tests for doctors and patients worldwide, our team of scientists have developed a range of targeted and effective therapeutic drugs that meet the needs of their vast network of oncologists and cancer care providers. Production of these cancer therapeutics take place at our world-leading laboratories in Europe.

We are proud to be part of a worldwide scientific community that has made great strides in understanding, identifying and treating cancer. Survival rates for many types of cancer are improving as our knowledge and understanding grows. But we know there is still more work to be done. We invest heavily in research and development to uncover novel therapeutics and use rigorous scientific techniques to develop more targeted and effective treatments that improve outcomes for patients now and in the future.