With no single global standard by which all manufacturers must comply, the quality, purity and efficacy of healthcare vitamins and supplements can vary wildly from country to country. In short, not all supplements are made equal. Our work sets out to change that.”

- A Welmedis chemist

Following years of meticulous research and study into the products readily available on the market, we have developed a selected range of safe, effective and rigorously tested vitamins and supplements that aim to help you be at your very best, produced in our ISO 22000-certified facilities. 

We want to increase transparency, drive up quality and improve outcomes in healthcare. Working hand in hand with our in-house team of analysts, our supplements are put through some of the most robust and vigorous analyses in the industry to ensure we deliver products that customers can trust. 

Our carefully developed range of nutritional supplements include Genistein, an isoflavone used to regulate hormone activity; Onco botanics, a specially formulated blend of natural botanical extracts designed to support the growth of healthy cells and induce apoptosis of abnormal cells; and Sodium Ascorbate, a supplement form of ascorbic acid, which plays several important functions including helping to protect cells and supporting the maintenance of healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage.

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