My objective is very simple: to create products that live up to the claims on the box. So many products don’t do what they say they’re going to do or even have proven action. I decided to change that. We take the most active ingredients found in nature and put them through rigorous scientific analyses to create products that work.”

- strb. founder

Working from cutting-edge laboratories in Europe, our chemists use advanced scientific techniques to question, redefine and innovate, developing beautiful, cruelty free and naturally active products that support and enhance beauty regimens. 

Skincare and beauty product enthusiasts are deeply educated, knowledgeable and engaged, investigating thoroughly every stage of their routine and seeking out formulations and ingredients that target specific skincare concerns. 

Carefully crafted formulations are enhanced by the judicious inclusion of nature’s most potent ingredients. We use cutting-edge chemistry and biotechnology to target specific compounds and molecules, testing their performance against a range of skincare concerns, from redness to excess oil, stress, discolouration and more.

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