It would be easy to assume that the natural and/or chemical products available to buy and consume are safe and effective. Sadly, this isn’t the reality and the standards applied to products can vary widely from country to country. We want to help consumers make better-informed and confidence choices about their health and wellbeing.”

- A Welmedis chemist

Often, poor quality natural and/or chemical products contain little or none of the active ingredients listed on their labels and will have no discernible therapeutic benefits whatsoever. In some cases, they may contain substances that are ineffective or even harmful to the consumer. We work to raise standards and increase transparency across the health and wellbeing sector so consumers can make better informed decisions about their healthcare choices. 

Working from our ISO 17025: 2017-certified facilities in Europe, we carry out robust and detailed chemical analyses on a range of natural and/or chemical products to discover the presence of active ingredients and contaminants, and determine efficacy and shelf-life. 

Accurate and reliable cytotoxicity assays are carried out on a range of established and new cancer therapeutic drugs and treatments to establish the potential effect on specific cancer types. 

Our aim is that by increasing transparency and sharing knowledge, we can work with healthcare partners to drive up the standard of natural and/or chemical products worldwide.

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