We want to create a world where people are able to make better informed decisions about their health, whether that’s selecting the correct treatment for a diagnosis or choosing supplements to support healthier living. I have brought together a team of geneticists and scientists who use the latest techniques and technologies to support scientific breakthroughs, develop market-leading products and raise standards across health, medicine and wellbeing.”

Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou, founder and CEO, Welmedis

Working from our world-leading laboratories in Europe, our scientists use pioneering research and development techniques to research and redefine what is possible across the health, medicine and wellbeing sectors, using data, discoveries and intuition to identify unmet needs, develop targeted therapies and support scientific breakthroughs. 

We provide key support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research sectors, working closely with life scientists to understand the challenges they face and responding by developing robust and reliable products to assist their asssays.

We are proud to be part of a worldwide scientific community that has made great strides in understanding, identifying and treating cancer. Our scientists are driven by a desire for deeper knowledge and use rigorous research techniques to reimagining what is possible in cancer therapeutics.

We are driven by the wellbeing of our customers and stand by our rigorous quality control, only producing or approving products and scientific techniques that do exactly what they say they will do.

Our proven methodology enables us to create market-leading products, medicines and R&D services that raise standards across health, medicine and wellbeing.